After One Million

Step 2: What Happens After One Million?

The goal is to reach multiple millions in order to make our argument stronger and the resulting legislative proposal more legitimate. After you have signed, we ask that you do not simply forget about the initiative. In order to stay informed, please follow our Facebook, Twitter, Medium profile and publication as well as our volunteer page with 4,000+ members. The Medium page will be vital because it will function as our blog in order to educate people about what exactly an ECI is and how we will succeed. This isn’t a mere petition where we are trying to ask a representative to take a particular stance on an issue, instead we are using a legal instrument of semi-direct democracy in order to create a pan-European and even worldwide movement so that EU citizens can come together as one (since national elections are inherently national rather than international). Once we have gathered enough support, this initiative has the opportunity to begin the legislative procedure in order to become law. In other words: an ECI isn’t an informal request to persuade a representative, it is a formal procedure for citizens to create law, and the topic of this initiative has the potential to revolutionize ECIs and the EU itself (more on this later in our Medium page).

The exact procedure of what happens after the collection of signatures can be found in the European Commission’s official website for ECIs. This whole process will be finalized by September 2018, which puts us ahead of the deadline for Brexit negotiations. However, given that we don’t know the exact timeline for when we will reach our goal, or when the number of signatures will be counted and verified, perhaps you would prefer to receive updates every month or so (we don’t want to spam you with daily or weekly updates that you can get from our social media accounts). Regardless of what the case may be, please take a few minutes to fill out the following quick survey so that we know how and when you want us to reach out to you! 🙂