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This is the official website for European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) titled “EU Citizenship for Europeans: United in Diversity in Spite of jus soli and jus sanguinis” (registered here) and informally known as “Flock Brexit” and with a Facebook group of  4,000+ members.
eu citizenship citizens united in diversity jus soli jus sanguinis

The goal of this initiative is simple: “We will convince the European Commission and the European Parliament to pass a regulation and/or decision that will allow UK nationals to keep their EU citizenship regardless of Brexit negotiations. With enough public pressure, we will also force the UK to reciprocate these rights by taking our case to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) before withdrawal negotiations are finalized.# eu citizenship

ECIT (a Foundation on European Citizens’ Rights, Involvement and Trust) is a public foundation working exclusively on European citizenship.  Its Board Members are Antoine Fobe, Niccolo Milanese, Rose Omondi, Jo Shaw and Tony Venables. Since its foundation in 2015, ECIT is quickly becoming a clearing house on European citizenship and a centre for dialogue among researchers, civil society activists and policy makers.

In February of 2017, the foundation filed a Petition through European Parliament arguing against the loss of EU Citizenship for 64 million people. Please take a few minutes to support their petition, which will help us when we present to the EU Parliament after one million signatures. Their website is HERE and the petition is HERE.

ECIT Foundation

Retaining European Citizenship is another ECI with similar motivations as EU Citizenship for Europeans. Their legal basis is Directive 2004/38/EC and their main objective is “to uphold the right of Union citizens to move and reside freely within the territory of Member States under objective conditions of freedom and dignity”.

Both of these initiatives aim to guarantee the rights and status of EU Citizenship and they are a reflection of much-needed civic engagement and participation. Our two initiatives are not competing against each other and you are encouraged to sign both in order to show pro-European solidarity and to strengthen all of our efforts in achieving an every-closer Union. Their official website is HERE and you can sign their ECI HERE.

Retaining European Citizenship