Signing a European Citizens Initiative in the UK

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UK flagBritish Nationals signing:
Step 1  – Follow the link below and click “Support”
Step 2  – Select country of residence

  • If you are living in the UK signing is simple: Select UK and enter basic info.
  • If you are living in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Slovakia: Select the country you are resident in and then sign. Your signature will help us reach the required minimums of those countries, but please tell your local friends to start signing and sharing so that you can keep your right to stay!
  • If you are living in Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain or Sweden: Select the country you are resident in. Then you will need a personal identification document number issued by the country you are resident in. (If you’re not sure which document will count, check your country of residence in pages 2-4 on this table).
  • If you are living in: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France or Portugal. You may sign as British only if you also have a permanent residence in the UK (in that case, follow instructions above for living in the UK), otherwise you can’t sign. Please tell three of your non-British friends how important this is and ask them to start signing and sharing so that you can keep the right to stay! Please do NOT use an old UK address, it is not valid.
  • If you are living outside of the EU, you are unfortunately not allowed to sign. Please tell any other European friends of yours to sign because most of them will probably be able to. Consider that as your way of protesting the current rules, if we can get three signatures for every individual who was not allowed to sign, we will certainly reach our goal.

EU flagEU Citizens signing in the UK: Your role is crucial.
Even if you were not allowed to vote in the referendum, your voice matters to the EU and you CAN sign this ECI as long as you’re voting age.

Please look at the second-to-last row in the Table (page 2). Given that you are a legal resident in the UK, you are allowed to count as a British signature; HOWEVER, we need to reach certain minimums in SEVEN DIFFERENT EU COUNTRIES, so it would be best if you sign as your country of nationality. In most cases you will need to provide an identification number. To see which documents are accepted, find your country on the list below the table. By signing, you make your voice heard even if you were  previously excluded from a vote that changed your life!

sign signing ECI button

Please do NOT try to cheat the table!
These are official rules and your signature will NOT count if you try to cheat.

This initiative is about European unity and solidarity:
let’s all do this together by standing up for each other and for Europe!